How Digital-ID Can Support Greater Financial Inclusion: Learning From International Experience

Enhancing access to Digital ID emerges as a pivotal strategy for advancing financial inclusion, particularly amid the pandemic’s acceleration of online service provision. The transition to digital platforms renders traditional ID methods challenging, prompting a discourse on the future landscape. Will Digital ID become the norm or yield to traditional paper documents post-pandemic?

Advocates tout Digital ID for its efficiency in identification processes, cost reduction, risk management, and fraud prevention. However, concerns linger regarding its inclusivity, impact on access to financial services, and regulatory hurdles.

In this 90-minute session moderated by Sian Williams, Director of Policy and Innovation at Toynbee Hall and FIF UK, a panel of international experts, including Dr. Sarah Walton, Shrikant Karwa, Florian Marcus, Emrys Schoemaker, Yiannis Theodorou, and Radhika Kale, will delve into diverse Digital ID approaches, balancing inclusion and security. Explore global Digital ID initiatives’ impact on underserved populations, followed by insights on potential lessons for the UK.

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