Financing of Low-Cost Non-State Education

Improving financial inclusion hinges on enhancing access to education, especially given the staggering number of out-of-school children globally, which stood at 260 million pre-pandemic. Despite substantial education spending by low- and middle-income countries, alternative solutions are imperative, including non-state actors, to bridge the access gap. Currently, non-state education institutions account for over 25% of the market share, necessitating an additional 66 million seats by 2025 in these countries.

Exploring the potential of affordable non-state schools to accommodate more students and the intersection of financial inclusion and education, this session poses critical questions. Rod Dubitsky, Executive Director of the Financial Inclusion Forum UK, will introduce the discussion, moderated by James Tooley, Chancellor of the University of Buckingham. Scott Sheridan, Director of Operations at Opportunity EduFinance, will present findings, followed by insights from panelists including Njeri Kirumbi, Andrina Schwartz, John Robert Okware, and Bunmi Lawson, representing various sectors and regions.

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