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The Financial Inclusion Forum is a unique convener providing the UK a free-for-user platform for the debate and discussion of financial inclusion issues. In the past, we have charged an annual membership, but now, attendance at all Forum events is free for everyone. This means that we depend not only on the financial and in-kind support of our support organisations but also on those who come along to events and benefit from them.

So please - if you have learnt anything, met some new contacts, or otherwise just had a good time at a Forum event, we’d be extremely grateful if you would be an individual contributor, either on a one-off or ongoing basis. A lot of time and effort goes into running the Forum, and it is done on a shoestring. Your support, even a small amount, will help us continue to offer a range of networking, panel and round-table events throughout the year, keep them free to attend, and drive innovation in financial inclusion.
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Central Bank Digital Currencies and Financial Inclusion

24-10-2022 - 28-10-2022



  1. What are CBDCs and how do they compare to other forms of digital currency?
  2. Pros and cons of CBDCs: Disintermediation, privacy, trust, low cost secure digital wallet. 
  3. Country specific focus: 1) China, 2) Mauritius, 3) Bahamas, 4) UK, 5) Sweden, 6) Nigeria.

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