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Financial Inclusion Forum Welcomes Three New Board Members

05 May 2021
LONDON – Financial Inclusion Forum UK today announced the appointment of Christine Oughton, William Derban, and Elena Ponds to their Board of Directors. “We are delighted to be joined by three suc...

Financial Inclusion Forum Welcomes Two New Board Members

19 November 2020
LONDON – Financial Inclusion Forum today announced the appointment of Kelly Jennings-Robinson and Sian Williams to their Board of Directors “We are absolutely delighted to be joined by two exper...
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Central Bank Digital Currencies and Financial Inclusion

24-10-2022 - 28-10-2022



  1. What are CBDCs and how do they compare to other forms of digital currency?
  2. Pros and cons of CBDCs: Disintermediation, privacy, trust, low cost secure digital wallet. 
  3. Country specific focus: 1) China, 2) Mauritius, 3) Bahamas, 4) UK, 5) Sweden, 6) Nigeria.

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