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Making Effective Use of Grants and Technical Assistance to Support Financial Institutions

CDC Group Report | June 2020

Webinar Recording

"Refugees in Times of Crisis" A FIF / Opportunity International Webinar - 18 June 2020

Webinar Presentation Deck - Opportunity International, UNCDF, & Mercy Corps

"Refugees in Times of Crisis" A FIF / Opportunity International Webinar - 18 June 2020

The effects of COVID 19 on refugees and IDPs: Highlights from our virtual panel held on 18 June 2020

Financial Inclusion Forum Blog

Financial Inclusion of Refugees and IDPs in times of Global Crisis: Insights from a Recent Panel Discussion

Event Blog by Deborah Foy, Opportunity International

Opportunity International's Virtual Visit to Nakivale Refugee Settlement in Uganda - 18 June 2020

Refugee Settlement Virtual Visit Recording

Insights from Financial Diaries Baseline - Refugees in Uganda Programme

Opportunity International UK Report

Learnings from financial diaries in refugee settlements in Uganda and preliminary insights on the impact of COVID-19

Opportunity International UK Report

Flow - instant liquidity support for mobile money agents: safeguarding agent livelihoods during Corona - Blog by Michael Rothe

Webinar Recording

"Are We Managing?" A FIF / e-MFP Webinar on the Inclusive Finance sector's Response to COVID

Live Recording

Digital Financial Services for Refugees

Post-Event Reflection by AYAKO IBA

Financial services for refugees and the dilemma of personal ID

Press Release

Financial Inclusion Forum Welcomes Inaugural Executive Director

FIF Blog

Building Resilience for Women: Bridging the Gender Financial Inclusion Gap

Financial Inclusion Forum Blog 

Building Resilience for Women: Bridging the Gender Financial Inclusion Gap

FIF Blog

Microfinance for Housing: Is it Built to Last?

Financial Inclusion Forum Blog 

FIForumUK - Innovation in Inclusive Finance

FIForumUK - Impact investing: how to do it at scale?

European Microfinance Blog


e-MFP Blog 


‘A year ago, having a TV was a distant': How affordable, solar power is bringing small home appliances to families in Africa

Oikocredit October Case Study

FIF Blog

Impact Investing: How to do it at scale?  

Financial Inclusion Forum Blog 

Okiocredit Case Study

Pay-as-you-go solar is lighting up the lives of Ghana’s micro-entrepreneurs

It’s Time to Match Tools with Our Understanding of Consumers and Financial Inclusion

“We shape our tools and thereafter our tools shape us.” – Marshall McLuhan

From Microfinance to Financial Inclusion: Reflection on 20 years

CGAP Article

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